Transform your entire appearance effortlessly.

An actual patient smiling with Lumineers from McLean Dentist Dr. Kazerooni.

A beautiful smile.

Dr. Kazerooni and our team are committed to offering you the highest quality service and a variety of treatment options for your needs. As a certified Lumineers dentist in McLean, VA, we restore your teeth with these special veneers, typically requiring very little preparation, to give you a beautiful smile.

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Your dream smile in no time.

These very thin veneers repair and brighten your smile the same way traditional porcelain veneers do. However, they are so thin that they require less preparation. Thanks to less prep, you’ll receive the smile you’ve been looking for faster than ever before.

We understand how important your smile is, so Dr. Kazerooni will schedule a personal cosmetic consultation to answer any questions you have, go over all the steps, and give you an exclusive preview of your smile. She will discuss with you whether Lumineers or traditional veneers are ideal for your smile goals.

See our real patient transformations.