Root Canal Therapy

Your McLean dentist helps you get back to a healthy smile.

Actual patients smiling after Root Canal therapy from McLean Dentist Dr. Kazerooni.

Confidence in our care.

Dr. Kazerooni and her professional dental team understand root canal treatments have a negative reputation, which is why our practice is committed to educating you about root canal therapy and the positive effects it has on our patients. We do everything we can to fix your pain and ensure you are comfortable and relaxed in our care.

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Get back your healthy smile.

When a root canal is needed, pain in your tooth is caused by an infection within the tooth. To remove the pain, we must discard the infected area. Our team of experts restores and preserves your teeth through a pain-free procedure that will give you a healthier smile.

What to expect from root canal therapy:

  • An Evaluation: Dr. Kazerooni will isolate your problem and create a custom solution
  • A Consultation: Our expert team will explain the procedure and answer any questions to ensure your comfort
  • Treatment: We remove your infection in a pain-free procedure and insert a filling or crown to protect the tooth
  • A Healthier Smile: Enjoy a clean, healthy smile with no sensitivity

The best way for you to feel relaxed during our root canal therapy is for you to understand our pain-free procedure. Your comfort is our number one priority, and we will do everything we can to ensure your confidence in us.

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