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How to Win a FitBit? Go to the Dentist | Referral Promotion

At Sherry Kazerooni’s dental practice, we believe that life is about giving. As your dentists in Mclean, we are experts at giving the gift of joy, laughter, and self-esteem. Now, we want to give more to our community by hosting a referralĀ contest for a new FitBit! Find out how you can win a FitBit!

Win a new FitBit band by referring friends to your dentist in Mclean, VA!
Win a new FitBit band by referring friends to your dentist in Mclean, VA!

Each new smile that walks into our practice is welcomed with a genuine smile. Everybody is unique, so we strive to make your dental visits all-about-you. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your own oral health care — we are just guides that provide our experience, skill, and knowledge of dental solutions that are just right for you and your circumstances.

Guiding someone to make a decision that will cause them to smile for the rest of their life is an incredible privilege. And we want all who are ready to make this investment in themselves, in their smile, in their career, in their oral health to choose a Mclean dentist wisely.

The problem?

There are so many options nowadays! But you can help. As one of our patients, you have come to know our caliber of dental work, our undying passion for treating you like a celebrity each time you come in for dental treatment, and treating you like family when considering your financial options. You can help your friends, relatives, and neighbors to change their lives for the better by referring them to our office.

What do you get in return?

In addition to the happiness that comes from giving, you may receive a brand new FitBit!


All you have to do is refer someone to our dental office in Mclean, VA. As part of our New Patient Promotion, all new patients will be entered in a drawing for a new Fitbit and the person that referred them (that’s you!) will also be entered in the drawing.

This unique opportunity for helping your friends and family achieve their greatest smile and getting more active with your brand new FitBit will run until August 30th, 2016.

We will announce the winner of the brand new FitBit shortly after August 30th on social media. So make sure to give us a Like and Follow.


Schedule appointments by calling (703) 827-0644 or by emailing us at Make sure you give the names of the new patient and referral so that both can have a chance to win a brand new FitBit Blaze.

Your dentists in Mclean, Dr. Sherry Kazerooni and team.

Who do you wish would get a smile make-over? Who do you want to win a FitBit band for? Tell us in the comments!