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No Time? No Problem! Get a Same Day Dental Crown

Get a same-day dental crown with CEREC technology with Dr. Kazerooni

You live a busy life. Your schedule is crammed full of appointments, errands, and activities that are carefully planned around your job and family responsibilities. Your dental health is a priority but fitting in additional visits to fix one problem can be a challenge, especially if you need a root canal or a crown to replace a broken tooth. But what if your dentist could complete dental repairs in just one visit? Is a same-day dental crown possible?

Yes! But only with state of the art digital CEREC technology available in the most advanced dental offices, such as your cosmetic dentist in McLean VA, Dr. Sherry Kazerooni.

With CEREC dental crowns, you don’t have to wait weeks for your new dental crown. The restoration is created right in our office the same day. Imagine the convenience! You can be in and out in two hours, instead of having to make time for multiple appointments.

Quote from Dr. Kazerooni, dentist in McLean VA, about paying special attention to the color of the porcelain for your CEREC dental crown

What is CEREC technology and how does it work? Find the answers by analyzing our Same Day Dentistry infographic.

Free infographic from Dr. Kazerooni about CEREC same-day dental crowns

Is a Same Day Dental Crown Too Good to be True?

We understand if 3D printing and computer-aided dentistry seems a little futuristic for a dental office. Dr. Kazerooni has been using CEREC technology in her office for 5 years.  She is committed to providing the best care possible by using the newest and most cutting-edge techniques available. She starting providing CEREC crowns because of the following advantages for her patients:

  • speed up the treatment timeline
  • not getting numb twice
  • no need to have a fragile, temporary crown for two weeks
  • no more impressions

Recently one patient from out of state came for his recare appointment and one of his crowns was broken. Since he was going home the same day he decided to complete the treatment in one visit. He went back home the same day with a new crown and without the need to come back!

Quote from actual Dr. Kazerooni patient about CEREC dental crowns in one visit

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If you have teeth with big cavities, fractured teeth or fillings, broken teeth, crooked or stained teeth, CEREC same day dental crowns could be the solution for your hectic life! Call our McLean cosmetic dental office at (703) 827-0644 or request an appointment today.