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Family Owned Bakery Right in Vienna! We love Cenan’s Bakery!

How many times have you smelled the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread and been lured into the bakery section of your favorite grocery store?  Well, Cenan’s Bakery is no exception!  This family owned business is dedicated to preserving the old world style art of baking with a fresh, authentic result.  We are so impressed with this friendly neighborhood bakery in Vienna that we have chosen to place it on our list of favorite hot spots from your Vienna Dentist, Dr. Sherry Kazerooni! It is featured on Our Community Page. 

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Are you hungry yet? Maybe just some coffee and a snack might be perfect?  Not only does this establishment maintain a sun up to sun down ritual of daily fresh goods, it also maintains some lengthy business hours for is customers. In fact, 6:30 am Monday- Saturday, the doors are open for business, ready to serve steaming coffee and fresh morning treat.

Want to take a peak at their menu?

Maybe you are working to clean up your diet? All the menu items are prepared fresh each day with preservative free, fresh, natural ingredients. The business owner personally participates in the preparation of every bread and baked item throughout the day. What’s even more interesting? All the baked goods are baked from scratch on a hot stone hearth oven!


So why is this Bakery one of our favorite Vienna hot spots?

  • Its conveniently located in Vienna, next to the Vienna shopping center,
  • It’s open early in the morning for coffee or cappuccino, and till 9pm on the weekends to grab dessert!
  • Fresh, natural ingredients which are preservative free and baked with traditional authentic methods.
  • Variety of menus options including sandwiches, croissants, scones, cookies, cakes and even some Turkish Specialties, like Poaca and Baklava.
  • The business owner holds strict standard and personally oversees the quality of the goods.
  • Their mango mousse is just delicious!  It’s highly recommended!


Here is what the locals are saying about Cenan’s Bakery:

“My favorite bakery in Vienna, Cenan’s has been in business this long because they have quality food and terrific service. I love their gourmet sandwiches, the Le French or the Masterpiece to be more specific. When I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, I go for either the Kenan’s cookie, the almond macaroon cookie, or the Strawberry Shortcake. Their products are fresh and flavorful, and don’t need to hide behind an excessive use of sugar. It gets busy pretty often, simply because old patrons keep coming back, and the combination of great food and service keep attracting new fans. LOVE THEM!”

Cenan’s Bakery, the best bakery on our list! Come visit our Community page for more or our favorite places to eat, play and explore in our Community!